NIRC Club Service

Club Service Director:   Bob Bartels
Sergeant at Arms:   Derek Fisher
Public Relations:  
Membership Service Director:   Art Kleinpell & Bill Zeller
Song Master:   Scott Jackson & Jim Parsons
Web Master:   
Fine Master:   Kerk Lesh
Club Trainer:  John Brainerd
Programs Director:  Cecil Hess

Club Service includes the scope of activities that Rotarians undertake in support of their club, such as serving on committees, proposing individuals for membership, and meeting attendance requirements.

Mission of Membership Team: To procure active membership in Newport-Irvine Rotary Club of business / community leaders committed to perpetuating the mission of Rotary.

Membership Development 
Develops strategies and implement tactics to introduce the community to Rotary. Work with other local Rotary Clubs to promote awareness and understanding of Rotary, its ideals and the work it does in the community.

Membership Classifications
Maintains classification survey; clear new member choices of classification and resolve classification conflicts.

Membership Directory (Blue Book)
Maintains the membership directory and coordinate its publishing.

Membership Induction
Indoctrinates prospective new members into Rotary and the Club.

Integrates new Rotarians into the Club.

Attendance / Retention
Monitors attendance of members to insure compliance with RI attendance requirements. Contact members missing meetings and encourage ups. Determine problems with attendance.

Bulletin Editor & Publisher (The Rotaflyer)
Reports on weekly meetings and prepares the layout of the Rotaflyer. Produces, publishes, and distributes the Rotaflyer to the membership.